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Our experience in the exterior shutters industry began in 1973, and we bring this expertise in engineering, research and development to your or home project, for peace of mind and quality shutter materials. This makes us one of the best shutter companies in the industry.
Sun Barrier Products, Inc. manufactures and installs roller shutters, security shutters, accordion shutters, motorized shutters, storm shutters, Bahama shutters, colonial shutters and storm panels. Sun Barrier Products, Inc. also distributes and installs windows and doors for replacement and new construction, including heavy duty series impact windows for hurricane protection. Sun Barrier Products, Inc. also provides dealerships outside the state of Florida and in the Caribbean.
Staffs - Sun Barrier Products in Longwood, FL
Sun Barrier Products, Inc., a privately held shutter retailer Florida Corporation established in 1988, was founded by Charles T. Donaldson, who serves as Licensed Contractor and President.
Sun Barrier Products has dedicated the last 27 years to providing the best quality shutter hardware and storm panels at a reasonable price. As the building codes change, our dedication to research and development keeps us on top of the industry so we can make sure our customers are getting the best protection possible. Contact us for a shutters consultation today! We look forward to helping you find the shutter options that are right for you.

-Chuck and Cindy Donaldson
Owners, Sun Barrier Products
Shutters - Sun Barrier Products in Longwood, FL
Sun Barrier Products;
Two years ago I purchased storm shutters from you much to the amusement of many people. We were new to Florida and thought this would be a good investment. The more seasoned residents laughed and said that Central Florida never gets hurricanes. I didn't care if the shutters sat for ten years and gathered dust. I just knew that I would be prepared.
After the first hurricane they weren't laughing very hard as they ran around trying to purchase plywood, batteries and sterno. They chuckled less during the second storm. Then after Hurricane Jeanne many of them started to ask us about storm shutters and where we bought them. We referred them to you.
Our house was extremely secure. The back porch was closed in with the shutters enabling us to store all the outdoor furniture, barbecue and other objects than could end up becoming air-borne. It is amazing how little room the storm shutters take up in storage. I can only cringe to think of storing wet plywood.
One neighbor remarked that our little ‘cave' must have been very cozy during the storms. I assured her that it was.
Thank you for a great product! Thank you, Cindy, for encouraging us to protect the back porch."
Homeowner, Deltona, FL
Installation in 2002

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