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If you’ve ever visited the Bahamas or other island countries, you no doubt took notice of how the architecture evolved to protect residents from the hurricanes and storms that frequently pass through the area. One particularly ingenious device that arose from this need was a style of window shutters that hinged at the top, which allows fresh air to flow through the home, yet makes them easy to secure in the event of an impending storm. Bahama and colonial shutters from Sun Barrier draw upon this practical design tradition and take things a step further by making them customizable to your home’s color scheme. Call or stop by today for a free estimate.

Cost-effective protection that compliments your style

If you need residential hurricane protection that looks attractive, yet doesn’t cost a fortune, Bahama and colonial shutters could be the very thing you’re looking for! Stop in to Sun Barrier’s Longwood, FL, showroom to browse our inventory and to speak with a hurricane protection expert. Bahama and colonial shutters come in a variety of colors and are powder-coated so its good look last for years. The right combination of storm shutters, storm screens, and impact-resistant windows can give your home or business maximum protection, for minimum money out-of-pocket. If you need to upgrade your windows with hurricane glass, we can help with that as well. Call or stop by before hurricane season is upon us once again and be ready to weather the storm in style.

When opportunists come knocking, send them on their way

It’s a sad fact that the aftermath of a hurricane can bring out the worst in some people. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your home is safe and secure in the event you must evacuate Longwood, FL, until the storm passes. With the help of Sun Barrier, you don’t have to worry about people breaking into your home and stealing your valuables. Our Bahama and colonial shutters are hurricane-rated, and come standard with lock-down hardware, so they can be secured in seconds, without a Herculean effort on your part. Come into our showroom to browse our three top-rated Bahama shutter collections:

  • St. Croix
  • Martinique
  • St. Lucia

Tropical looks, without the tropical heat

Bahama and colonial aluminum shutters offer residential hurricane protection that can lend a touch of island flair to your home, while keeping the sun’s hot, damaging rays at bay. Even when they’re fully closed, you can still enjoy natural sunlight or a pleasant spring breeze, anytime you want. The exterior shutters are fully adjustable, so you can choose the degree of protection and privacy, according to your taste and mood. Your new shutters can be custom-finished to match your home’s color scheme perfectly or take one home right off the showroom floor in standard colors of white, ivory, beige, or black. Ask about replacement storm windows when you call for your free quote on quality hurricane shutters.

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