Hurricane Protection in Central Florida with Crimsafe® Security Mesh

Protect Your Home with Crimsafe®  

Crimsafe® is known for keeping your home secure from intruders and pests. Crimsafe® boasts an innovative mesh that allows in a fresh breeze and sunlight but is impervious to insects and thieves. However, along with this benefit, Crimsafe® functions as hurricane protection for your Orlando, FL home. Crimsafe® does it all—this mesh can keep out everything you’d rather keep outside without compromising on visibility.

Hurricane Protection in Orlando, FL

Protect Yourself from Hurricanes with Crimsafe®

Crimsafe® isn’t just for protecting your home against crime, as the name might suggest. It’s state-of-the-art mesh screens are designed to stand up against the winds and flying debris that come with hurricanes. Crimsafe® mesh is constructed with hurricane protection in mind to give your home the best chance at coming through a major storm unscathed.

Strong mesh: The technology used to make Crimsafe® security screens stands up to the high wind speeds that come with a hurricane. They have been tested to hold up against wind gusts and impacts of 150 mph. The mesh is woven to be over 25% thicker than other mesh products on the market, meaning Crimsafe® is more difficult to puncture and more effective at keeping flying debris from damaging your home.

Durable frames and screws: The innovative screen is attached to an aluminum frame with the patented Screw-Clamp™ system. These screws are tamper-resistant and stand up to the force of hurricane winds. The Screw-Clamp™ system, combined with the Crimsafe® mesh screens allows any impacting force to spread across the screen. This way, the energy doesn’t concentrate at the site of the impact, causing damage and destruction. With Crimsafe® hurricane proof screens protecting your Orlando, FL home, you can breathe a sigh of relief that your home will be safer during the next hurricane.

More Than Just Hurricane Protection

The reason Sun Barrier Products, Inc. is so proud to offer Crimsafe® screens is the wide variety of functions they serve. We’ve already covered increased safety from intruders and hurricane protection, but Crimsafe® home hurricane protection screens are much more than that. The innovative mesh is proven to help prevent the spread of fire. Embers and sparks can’t spread into the mesh, thereby adding a layer of fire protection to your home. Crimsafe® protects against hail as well. Sun Barrier Products, Inc. is an Orlando, FL based business, so we know hail isn’t common in Florida. However, with two reports of hail in the first half of 2019, hailstorms are very much a possibility. When you use Crimsafe®, though, its impenetrable mesh will keep hail out just as it does the flying debris associated with hurricanes. Although Crimsafe® is an excellent method of hurricane protection, when you choose their mesh screens, you’re getting much more than just that.

Energy-Efficient Hurricane Protection

The advantages of Crimsafe® continue with its energy efficiency. When we say Crimsafe® keeps out everything you don’t want, we mean it. When you install this innovative mesh in your home, you’ll see a significant decrease in the temperature in your home. Those blistering Orlando, FL summers can stay outdoors, and you can stay cool indoors. Your wallet will feel the benefits of Crimsafe® as well. This protective mesh will pay for itself in no time as you use your air conditioner less. Say goodbye to expensive energy bills siphoning off your hard-earned paycheck. The energy-efficient Crimsafe® mesh offered at Sun Barrier Products, Inc. will make Florida summers much more comfortable in more ways than one.

Work with the Experts at Sun Barrier Products, Inc.

As you explore your options for hurricane protection, make sure to take every factor into account. Crimsafe® can offer what other mesh screen products can’t. You get much more for your money than just a simple insect screen. The benefits add up significantly, considering Crimsafe® protects against hurricanes, intruders, and sweltering temperatures as well. The staff at Sun Barrier Products, Inc. are Orlando, FL’s experts in hurricane-proof windows and storm panels. We provide our clients with only the most effective products, and Crimsafe® comes with our stamp of approval. Though natural disasters are a reality of Orlando life, and we can’t guarantee you won’t experience any home damage, we can give your home the best chance at emerging unscathed. If you’re ready to protect your home during hurricane season, contact Sun Barrier Products, Inc. for a free estimate today.

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