Hurricane Shutter FAQs for Orlando, FL Residents

Answering Your Questions About Hurricane Shutters

When you live in or around Orlando, FL, the dangers of hurricane season are a reality. Residents are concerned with preparing for a potential hurricane and looking for ways to protect their homes, businesses, and families. Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to secure your home or place of business against extreme weather. The team at Sun Barrier Products has been helping locals since 1988, working to secure their property against damaging winds and debris. Because we’re known for our expertise on the subject, we get lots of questions about proper hurricane protection and when to start preparing. Browse our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with our professionals for additional information.

How Do You Protect Your Home from a Hurricane?

Many products on the market today are designed to help protect your home in the event of a hurricane. Any one or combination of these products can reinforce your home against extreme winds and flying debris. Here are some of the ways you can steel your home against the elements:

  • Roll-Down Shutters: This type of shutter is made with industrial-grade aluminum and is designed to be energy-efficient. It can be manually operated or motorized, making for easy raising and lowering.
  • Accordion Shutters: Made from interlocking blades, this type of hurricane shutter is designed to be permanently installed at your home or business. It slides closed quickly, making it the perfect protection for windows, doors, and patios.
  • Impact Windows and Doors: PGT Winguard Windows and Doors are triple glazed with an internal PVB laminated layer. Not only are the windows and doors tested and approved to stand up to hurricane force winds, they are also tested to withstand a nine pound 2 x 4 projectile hitting the glass.  Even if the glass cracks, the laminated film keeps out wind, water, debris, and most importantly, pressure.  Winguard Window and Doors by Sun Barrier Products offer constant protection against threats from storms and intruders.
  • Bahama & Colonial Shutters: This type of hurricane shutter extends out from the top of your window and attaches with a hinge. It’s made with extruded aluminum components with baked on powder coat finish. Bahama shutters are easy to adjust to enhance privacy and climate control.  When a storm threatens, Bahama Shutters can easily be locked down for hurricane protection.

Why Should I Get Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters are an excellent way homeowners and business owners can protect their property. These shutters are designed to withstand strong winds and airborne debris better than conventional windows. While broken windows may seem like the least of your worries during a hurricane, allowing hurricane winds inside your house puts pressure on the roof that could result in a collapse. Hurricane shutters will minimize your chances of this costly damage and protect your family.

Should I Bother with Shutters If I Live in an Evacuation Zone?

Yes! Even if you have evacuated to a safer area, you still want your home to be protected while you’re gone. Hurricane shutters and other protective measures may reduce the damage you find when you return home after the storm.

When Is the Best Time to Install Shutters?

In the best-case scenario, hurricane shutters would be installed during the initial construction of your home or business. However, this isn’t always the case. Ideally, you should install hurricane shutters as soon as possible and before hurricane season begins (June 1-November 30). Waiting until June to request installation services may leave you with long wait times, as many companies such as Sun Barrier Products are much busier during these months. If you find yourself needing repairs or maintenance work, don’t hold off on that either. Whatever you do, don’t wait until a hurricane is spotted to start thinking about shutters! Hurricane Shutters, like insurance, should be put into place before the Hurricane Season begins.

What Are the Best Types of Hurricane Shutters?

Hurricane shutters are useful for all openings in your home, from windows to entry doors. However, hurricane protection is not one-size-fits-all, and you may find that your home is best suited to various types of shutters. Because every home and business are unique, it’s best to talk to a professional about what kind of protection will work for your specific doors and windows.

How Much Do Shutters Cost?

The total cost you’ll pay for hurricane shutters varies widely. It will depend on how much material you need and what kind of protection you choose. As you’re shopping around for affordable hurricane shutters, keep in mind that top-notch materials can save you money in the long run. Hurricane shutters can save you on costs associated with property damage and stolen items, as well as the hassle of dealing with an insurance company.

Get in Touch with Sun Barrier Products

Sun Barrier Products is one of Orlando, FL’s most trusted sources for hurricane security and protection. Not only do our products protect you in the event of a hurricane, but can also deter would-be intruders. Whether you’re preparing months in advance of hurricane season or just a few weeks prior, we want to help you. Our team has over 20 years of experience working with local homes and businesses to increase their chances of outlasting a hurricane. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our products.

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