Accordion Shutters Installation Services in Central Florida

If you’ve witnessed a Florida hurricane season, you know the importance of having high quality, durable protection for your home. The high-speed winds and flying debris can lead to significant damage to your home or business without proper protection. Protect your home and family with Accordion Shutters by Sun Barrier Products.

At Sun Barrier Products in Orlando, FL, we have almost 30 years of experience protecting Florida properties from hurricane damage with a full line of hurricane shutters, including extruded aluminum Accordion Shutters. The high-quality components, baked-on ESP finish, and expert installation, our products are designed and installed to provide you with the highest quality in hurricane protection and security. Visit our showroom/manufacturing plant to see all our products, or call us at 407-830-6556 to set up a free in-home estimate.

Accordion Shutters in Orlando, FL

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion shutters are made from interlocking blades that easily slide closed and lock for quick hurricane shutter protection. Our Sun Barrier Products Accordion Shutters are manufactured from T-6063 extruded aluminum with an electrostatically applied baked-on finish. Accordion Shutters are designed to be permanently installed on your home, so they can be closed and locked quickly when severe weather protection or security is needed.

Accordion Shutters are the perfect choice to protect all your windows and doors, and also to enclose your lanai or patio enclosure. The Accordion can be installed on large spans with manual operation, and have the option of a low-profile walk-over sill, or a removable sill that can be removed when not in use, and put into place when storm protection is needed. Enclosing the lanai offers the added benefit of keeping your patio furniture, grills, etc. inside the lanai rather than having to store those items in your home.

Unlike storm panels, there is nothing to store away, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of taking them on and off with severe weather. The Accordion interlocking blades fit into a top header and bottom sill and glide easily on stainless steel wheel carriages with heavy-duty nylon wheels. When not in use, Accordion Shutters stack compactly at each side of the opening, eliminating the need to take up storage space with storm panels.

Sun Barrier Products Accordion Shutters are also available with the option to add blades with clear Lexan windows to provide light and visibility when the shutters are closed.

Hurricane Shutter Installation

Here at Sun Barrier Products, we’re involved in every step of the creation of our Accordion Shutters and other hurricane shutters, from design to manufacturing to installation. We’ve been developing and installing hurricane shutters for homes and businesses across Florida since 1988, providing high-quality, reliable storm protection. We always stay on top of the latest building codes, and our skilled technicians provide professional installation to ensure your hurricane protection systems function their best during a storm.

Accordion Shutters for Security

Although the Accordion Shutter is a very popular choice for Hurricane Protection, it is also an affordable, easy-to-operate choice for security on commercial properties. Convenience Stores, Pharmacies, Liquor Stores, and Jewelry Stores benefit from the Security and peace of mind that comes with Accordion Shutters and Roll Shutters by Sun Barrier Products.

Storm Shutter Options

Here at Sun Barrier Products, we have every type of hurricane shutter product you could need. In addition to our Accordion Shutters, we provide Roll-Down Shutters, Bahama & Colonial Shutters, Crimsafe Hurricane Screens, and Storm Panels. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading quality products that are not only safe and secure, but tailored to the different styles and price ranges of every customer.

If you are interested in learning more about our hurricane shutters or would like to inquire about the possibility of having shutters custom-designed and installed on your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact our team here at Sun Barrier Products. We proudly offer free estimates on all our work. Call our Orlando, FL, professionals today at 407.830.6556 for a free estimate!

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