Storm Shutter Repair Services in Orlando, FL

When hurricanes and stormy weather strike, it’s important for your hurricane shutters to be able to protect you when you need them most. At Sun Barrier Products, Inc. in Orlando, FL, we’re committed to keeping your home secure from the elements. Whether your current shutters are from us or from another manufacturer, we’re here to make sure they’re properly maintained and in working order. You’ll never have to worry about storm shutters during the hurricane season and can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

Your trusted source for hurricane shutter repair and maintenance

For the past 29 years, we’ve been Central Florida’s source for hurricane shutter maintenance and repair. Our experienced, highly trained technicians provide you with service, maintenance, and cleaning for your hurricane shutters and doors, whether they’re manual or motorized. If one if your products is in need of repair, the good news is that we carry an extensive inventory of shutter parts and motors. That means we can get everything back in optimal order in no time.

At Sun Barrier Products, Inc. we’re fully licensed and insured. Not sure what your shutters might need? We offer free estimates on all of our repair services. Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!

Before hurricane season begins

Your hurricane shutters need to be inspected regularly, so don’t wait until a storm is looming on the horizon! Before each hurricane season, take a few moments to make sure you can quickly and easily put your panels into place and close and lock each of your shutters. If it’s been a while since you last used your shutters, they’re likely to require cleaning and lubrication. Watch out for pests as well! Oftentimes mud daubers, a common wasp in Central Florida, will make unwelcome nests in your shutters, preventing them from operating correctly when needed.

It’s also very common for homeowners and property owners to misplace the lockdown hardware for their shutters and panels. At Sun Barrier Products, Inc., we carry replacement parts and hardware for most types of shutters. When a hurricane warning is issued, though, these parts typically sell out immediately. As you might expect, we can’t get more in stock until after the storm has passed. Don’t wait until a hurricane is racing toward the State of Florida’s coast to test or repair your shutters! Call us for your free estimate today.

Storm shutter repairs and service

When a storm’s arrival is inevitable, your shutters are your home’s best defense against hurricane damage and potential property damage from intruders in the storm’s aftermath. To ensure your home or business remains safe and secure year-round, it’s important to regularly check that your storm shutters are in working order. Whether you’re here in Orlando, FL, or nearby in the Central Florida area, the professionals at Sun Barrier Products, Inc. are proud to offer a wide range of maintenance services for residential and commercial storm shutters.

From inspections and routine maintenance to a full-scale repair, our team of experts is here for all of your hurricane shutter needs. After serving our area for nearly 30 years, we’re looking forward to putting your mind at ease this hurricane season.

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