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If you live in the Orlando, FL area, you’re well aware of the realities of hurricane season. From June through November, Florida residents must take extra care to keep their homes safe from hurricane damage. When hurricanes strike, they come with strong winds and flying debris that threaten to damage your home. – FEMA studies have shown that if even one window or door has been compromised, wind can increase the uplift forces on the roof and may cause your roof to fail.  By protecting the building envelope with either Hurricane Shutters or impact-rated windows, you can protect your home from wind, water, and most importantly, pressure.

Impact Windows in Orlando, FL

Economical Window Protection from Hurricanes

Impact-resistant windows provide effortless protection.  Sun Barrier Products, Inc. is proud to offer PGT WinGuard impact-resistant windows, which are manufactured in Florida and are engineered to meet the toughest hurricane codes in the nation.  Impact windows prevent wind, water, and pressure from coming into your home, which in turn can compromise your roof.

Besides providing hurricane protection, the strong interlayer and durable frame of Wingard provide other benefits you’ll welcome all year long.

  • Security against vandals, thieves, and intruders
  • Dramatic noise reduction
  • 99% reduction in the fading of products inside your home caused by UV light
  • Improved energy efficiency.

Building Codes changed dramatically after Hurricane Andrew. Before Andrew, Hurricane Shutters were tested for wind load only, and windows were not tested for any significant wind load.  In Hurricane Andrew, most of the damage came not from the window, but from the debris that turned missiles in the wind.  The large missile impact testing was put into place in the coastal areas of Florida as a requirement.  Homeowners in the Central Florida area where there are more trees are especially vulnerable to the dangers of flying debris.

PGT Winguard windows are tested and approved for high windows and pressure, and large missile impact. Vinyl frames are reinforced internally with extruded aluminum. Winguard windows are triple glazed, with two layers of glass laminated together with a clear PVB material that provides large missile impact protection.  The third lite of glass provides an extra layer of insulation, windows also include Low E and Argon gas, so all windows are Energy Star approved.

These materials work together to create a reinforced hurricane-proof window that stands up better to extreme elements than standard windows. Sun Barrier Products, Inc. is proud to offer the  PGT windows, which are Florida-made themselves. When you trust Sun Barrier Products, Inc. for impact windows in your Central Florida home, you’ll have peace of mind during hurricane season that your windows will protect your home and family.

More Than Just Hurricane Protection

Impact windows feature numerous advantages you can’t get with standard windows. The most apparent benefit to impact windows is the protection they offer your home during hurricane season. Hurricane-proof windows will keep the inside of your home safe from the debris on the outside. Our windows are also constructed to keep water out of your home. Water damage can major problems that will only worsen if they’re left unaddressed. Fixing flood damage is often costly and time-consuming, but with hurricane window protection, water damage indoors is less of a concern. In addition to hurricane protection, impact windows have a few more significant benefits:

Keep noise out: If you live in along a busy street or have loud neighbors, the impact windows offered at Sun Barriers, Inc. are designed to reduce the noise. Not only will your home be safer from hurricane damage, but impact windows will also make for a quieter home on the inside.

Keep intruders out: Since impact windows are made with multiple layers, any would-be intruder won’t be able to gain access to your home through one of them, at least not without a significant effort. These professionally constructed hurricane-proof windows are also intruder-proof.


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When you’re looking for hurricane protection for your Orlando, FL home, you only want to work with the most trustworthy business. The professional team at Sun Barrier Products, Inc. takes pride in putting your interests first and fitting you with the best hurricane protection for your home. At Sun Barrier Products, Inc. we give you peace of mind that your Orlando home is fully prepared to deal with a natural disaster. Though we can’t guarantee you won’t suffer any home damage from a hurricane, we can offer the best protection on the market. Contact our expert staff today at 407.830.6556 for more information or a free estimate.

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