Storm Panels in Orlando

For hurricane protection, storm panels are the most commonly used product.
Sun Barrier Products offers storm panels that are made of corrugated aluminum which allows
the panels to weigh less but still offers sturdy protection. They have
a removable snap track hardware that has fixed studs for panel mounting.
We also have a direct mount system for shutter attachment as well as a
Header and Sill.

Storm Panels are the least expensive option for protecting your home from Hurricane
Damage. Shutter Hardware is permanently attached to your home, then when
a hurricane threatens, the precut panels can be attached and anchored
into place with wingnuts. Panels are made of corrugated aluminum for maximum
strength, but are still lightweight and easy to use. Smooth sides allow
for shutter placement without the danger of cutting your hands. Panels
are also available in clear Lexan, to provide light and visibility.

The least expensive option for shutter attachment is the direct mount system.
This system is used in masonry construction, and usually allows for panels
to be attached horizontally with Panel mate fasteners. The Panel mate
is a tapcon with a threaded bolt on the end. The tapcon is secured into
the concrete, and the threaded bolt protrudes about ¾” to
allow for the punched holes in the panels to go over the bolts, then wingnuts
are tightened onto the bolts. When not in use, plastic covers are used
to cover the bolts for safety.

Header and Sill is used for vertical mount for the Panels. A top u-shaped
header is attached above the opening, and a bottom F-track is attached
below the opening. When the panels are to be installed, stainless steel
square-head bolts are slid into the track, creating studs for the panels
to attach to with wing nuts. Header and F-track sill is also available
with 1”, 2” and 3” build out where needed.

Snap Track Hardware

Snap Track is the latest innovation in Storm Panel hardware. Designed for
horizontal mount, the extruded aluminum track has fixed studs for panel
mounting, and has a hinged extruded aluminum cover that hides the fasteners
when not in use. The structure also creates stronger fastening for the
panels, since the studs that hold the panels are separate from the hurricane
rated fasteners that hold the snap track to the wall. When the hinged
cover opens for shutter attachment, the cover also closes in the open
corrugated end of the storm panels. The snap track has an attractive look
when closed, it can be painted, and has the appearance of a decorative
trim. Homeowners also have the option of painting the exterior of the
snap track to match their home.

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